Dentists around the world advise people to use fluoride free toothpaste for a proper oral hygiene. Including the dentists advises, many reputed toothpastes have an info written on them like fluoride free toothpaste. But the question is, what is fluoride free and why a teeth toothpaste should be fluoride free?

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral which is found mostly in water sources. The general advantages of a fluoride it helps prevent tooth cavities, it makes the teeth stronger and developing more acids resistant tooth activity. But recent research proved that fluoride in high quantities is causing irrevocable tooth cavity damages, like teeth surface stains.

Citing the above research, many dentists around the world have recommended a fluoride free toothpaste, most importantly if you have a child less than 2 years old, the parents should make the child use a fluoride free toothpaste like Theodent Kids – Whitening Chocolate Chip, research has proven that swallowing toothpaste which contains fluoride will cause poisoning and in extreme cases, even death, it is also proven that single fluoride toothpaste has enough fluoride to kill a child, and also it is proven that many children which brushing teeth swallow little amount of toothpaste if the toothpaste contains fluoride then it has harmful effects of teeth cavity of children.

Theodent Kids Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Our fluoride free toothpaste for kids, Theodent kids toothpaste is also made with a chocolate taste as most kids like the chocolate taste. It is recommended for adults and children to brush your teeth with fluoride free toothpaste twice daily to be safe from bad breath and other harmful teeth infections.