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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Theodent™ different or better than other toothpaste?

Theodent™ toothpaste represents the only major toothpaste innovation in over a century. Theodent™ harnesses the power of patented, Rennou™, a non-toxic proprietary blend of a naturally-occurring extract found in chocolate blended with other minerals that help to strengthen the enamel surface of human teeth.

How did you discover this?

Like all great discoveries, this one came by pure accident. Researchers found, a particular extract from chocolate, that was similar in structure to caffeine, had a beneficial effect on teeth. Whereas caffeine stunts enamel growth, Rennou™ actually helped to stimulate the growth of new enamel.

How does it work?

Your enamel is made up hundreds of thousands of calcium and phosphorus unit crystals which form the mineral component of enamel, hydroxyapatite. Theodent™ with Rennou™ increases the size of the surface unit crystals of your enamel by four times. Larger unit crystals make your teeth less susceptible to bacterial acid de-mineralization and keep your teeth healthy and robust.

Can you prove it?

We already have! We have two patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Theodent also have another patent-pending and research has been conducted by Tulane University, The LSU School of Dentistry, The University of New Orleans, Marmara University Dental School, the University of Texas in San Antonio, & the American Dental Association Foundation. Abstracts available from the Journal of Dental Research & patents available through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

What is the cost of Theodent™ Classic, Theodent™ 300 and Theodent™ Kids and where can we get it?

Theodent™ Classic and Theodent™ Kids £20.00 retail, is available at your local Whole Foods Market &
Theodent™ 300, £115.00, is exclusively available through and select tastemakers across the country (see our website for a list of select medical professionals).

What is the difference between Theodent™ Classic and Theodent™ 300?

Theodent Classic is our flagship product and represents the first major innovation in oral care in over a century. Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean, Theodent classic boasts a non-toxic and revolutionary alternative to fluoride, Rennou™. Theodent classic is ideal as a daily dentifrice alternative to fluoride therapies in the marketplace. Unlike fluoride-based toothpaste, Theodent Classic is not harmful if swallowed, which makes it an ideal product to be enjoyed by the entire family.
Theodent Classic is available through our website and your local Whole Foods Market. Theodent 300 represents the extra-strength version of our proprietary formulation. This product is for the discerning Theodent customer that desires or needs the absolute highest dose of Rennou™ in the marketplace. Powered by this extra-strength dose of proprietary Rennou™, Theodent 300’s activity can be felt after your very first brush and is the pinnacle of Theodent’s research and development. Despite its power, Theodent 300 is also non-toxic and not harmful if swallowed. Theodent 300 is available through select dental and medical offices and through our website, exclusively.

What is Theobromine?

Theobromine is the extract for which the cacao tree was named: genus/species theobroma cacao. It is the extract from chocolate that gives chocolate its name. “Theo” the Greek root for ‘God’ and “broma” the Greek root for ‘Food’…so quite literally Chocolate, and this particular extract is known as “food of the Gods”.

What does it taste like?

Although Rennou™ comes from the part of chocolate that makes it bitter, we’ve masked it with our flavouring called: Whitening Crystal Mint. It tastes minty and refreshing and doesn’t burn the sensitive oral tissue like most commercial toothpaste on the market. Since Theodent 300 is our extra strength formulation, you may experience a slightly bitter aftertaste. Don’t fret…just know that RennouÔ is working on the surface of your teeth to bolster your enamel strength that much better. Remember the bitter…the better!

Is this safe for children?

Absolutely! Isn’t chocolate safe for children? This product is, in fact, a wonderful alternative to traditional toxic fluoride therapies in the marketplace and ideal for parents that are particularly concerned with fluoride exposure to their children. Theodent is also ideal for those individuals with a sensitive oral cavity. Theodent™ is not, however, recommended for pets. Pets should never be given chocolate or its extracts in any form, especially dogs.

Is this FDA approved?

We have GRAS status. Generally Recognized as Safe by expert toxicologists, which is the method by which food additives are approved. The FDA recognizes GRAS.

Is it safe to consume or swallow?

Yes. Unlike traditional toxic fluoride toothpaste that warns: “do not swallow” on the label, if you happen to ingest some Theodent™ with Rennou™, rest assured that it is 100% completely safe and non-toxic.

How soon can users see an improvement in their teeth?

After the first use, you should feel a difference in the quality of your teeth. Studies conducted by the director of an independent researcher at the American Dental Association Foundation have shown results in quickly as two minutes. Use Theodent™ or Theodent 300 toothpaste daily for that “just fresh from the dentist” clean feeling that lasts all day.

Do you worry that some parents will oppose this product, thinking that encouraging their children to consume chocolate in any form is not a good idea?

We are not encouraging the consumption of chocolate because chocolate contains sugar and cocoa fat, which is cariogenic (causes cavities).

Does this mean chocolate is good for children?

Again – chocolate contains lots of sugar and cocoa fat and that is not good for children. We are not advocating the consumption of sugar and fat ridden chocolate, unless of course, you have taken out the garbage, completed all of your homework, and brushed your teeth at least twice today with Theodent™ with Rennou™!

Do you think people will be disappointed when they realize it doesn’t taste anything like chocolate?

Not really. The point is that an extract of chocolate is good for your teeth! This should not be confused with saying that milk chocolate or sugary/fatty chocolate is good for your teeth. We are, however, working on a Theodent™ kid’s sugar-free chocolate flavoured toothpaste. Please let us know that you want it by clicking here: [email protected]

When fluoride was first added to toothpaste, there were outcries all over the country about it. Many people felt it was “government interference” in their diets, and many people were skeptical. Do you think you face the same problem with Rennou™?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Rennou™, albeit revolutionary, won’t ever be added to public water supplies because it’s toxic for dogs. Everyone knows that you can’t give chocolate to dogs. Theodent will not sell these items.

Will people using Theodent™ still need fluoride rinses, gels, etc. to harden their teeth, or will the Theodent™ ultimately replace the fluoride?

Fluoride rinses or gel treatments will be a thing of the past. It is our ultimate goal to completely replace non-innovative toxic fluoride therapies in the marketplace…but we will need your help to make fluoride a thing of the past. If you love the way your teeth feel after using Theodent™ then please like us on Facebook and let your friends know about this revolutionary new technology.

Have any dental experts looked at your product?

The following investigators have found favourable results with our patented technology:
Bennett Amaechi, DDS, MS, PhD, FADI
Associate Professor and Director of Cariology
Department of Comprehensive Dentistry University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Nuala Porteous BDS, MPH
Associate Professor/Research Department of Comprehensive Dentistry University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Clifton Carey, PhD
Director of independent research at the American Dental Association ADA Foundation, Paffenberger Research Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Betul Kargul, PhD, DDS
Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry Marmara University Dental School